About Me


I’m Cristina. I’m here to share what I’ve learned about wellness- from the nitty gritty science of our bodies and what we put into them, to how pretty can be practical (and thus good for you). I’ll provide the seed, it is your task to take what information you choose and apply it (fertilize, water, give attention) to create roots for your own well being.

I’ve always been acutely aware of creating a personal style: as a child my mother once caught me up past my bedtime with my whole wardrobe laid out on the floor creating ensembles. I spent a long time believing that caring about personal style was a waste of time: I have come to my senses. I strongly believe that knowledge of personalized style and color is essential to living your best life. The right lines, shapes, colors, and fabrics respect the 100% unique individual that is you, allowing your energy to flow unhindered so you can be more joyful, and more productive in living your life.

Interested in working together? Take a look here to contact me!

Why write? 

I want to help people lead healthy lives in an integrated approach that isn’t just about what you eat and exercise (though those are essential!). I write to share knowledge, tools, and concepts from rigorous research into wellness and health during a lifelong journey with what I know know is an autoimmune disease. I found western medicine didn’t have all the answers when it came to living as vibrantly and fully as I wanted to after my diagnosis and I began to craft a life honoring and seeking joy.

Professionally,  my undergraduate work is in complementary medicine, and I have master’s level work in clinical nutrition. A career in environmental and experiential education also guides my approach.

5 random facts about me… 

1. I stop and smell all the flowers… especially lilacs.

2. I grew up in New England and attribute my love of the wild outdoors to spending as much time outside as possible.

3. I LOVE tea. I have more than a full drawer dedicated just to tea…

4.  I have three cats who think they are dogs. They are good for the soul and make many appearances on my instagram (along with the food I eat, my baby, and other things that give me joy).

5. I’m left handed.

 Disclaimer: Any advice here should not take the place of recommendations and visits to your health-care provider. Please check in with them regarding your wellness plans. Also, nobody is paying me for any recommendations I make or links I post. If I share them, it is just because I like them and hope you might too. 

All artwork and posts created are ©seedstoroots 2017, please get permission to copy or use, I credit other sources when applicable

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