Healing a Broken Bone

Sticks and stones may break my bones… Or a shopping cart. That’s right folks, my first broken bone is from hyperextending a finger when it was caught in the holiday rush. I’m trying to embrace the awkwardness that is a splint on my dominant hand and research all of the things I can be doing to promote fast and full healing, aside from physical therapy and care from my orthopedist “the hand guy.” I am lucky that I don’t need a lifestyle makeover, this just involves a boost in daily practices to reduce inflammation.¬† Continue reading

The Wonders of Tea

I love tea. No, really, I LOVE tea.  Just look at my tea drawer:

Did I not say I LOVE tea?

Did I not say I LOVE tea?

Partially, it is the ritual of slowing down, waiting for water to boil, needing to slow down and cradle my mug in my hand as it cools, bringing my face close and breathing in the hot fragrant steam while I wait. There are also the benefits of whatever tea is steeping in my cup- medicinally, nutritionally, and emotionally, but I’ll come back to this.

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