I provide the seeds and care instructions, the garden is in your hands…

Examples of my services are listed below. Have your own thoughts? Contact me and let’s make a plan to suit your needs. All services are offered with a sliding payment scale.

  • Personalized Wellness Plans– Custom artwork and simple recommendations to help you keep growing your wellness. Frame optional, hang it or put it on the fridge as a reminder to yourself. Includes 2 pages of detailed recommendations for reference. ($25 to $45)
  • Nutritional Consulting– I believe nutrition needs to be simple and filled with joy. I will give you the facts and straightforward steps to take to meet your goals. Includes e-mail support. ($50 hourly)
  • Wellness Terrariums– Custom designed with healing crystals pertinent to your struggles and goals. Even the blackest thumb can keep a terrarium alive, and enjoy the benefits of a bit of nature in your space. Seattle area only. ($30-$60)


  • Herb Planters- Have the best herbs for your health available at your fingertips fresh for tea, cooking, and general enjoyment. Planters tailored to your tastes and preferences. Seattle area only. ($30-$60)
  • Style Consulting– Wearing your best styles and colors allow you to present your best self to the world, we work as a team to find your best. My services extend into interior design and personal branding as well as organization. Personal shopping available in the Seattle area. ($25-$50 hourly)

Ready to begin? E-mail me at

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