Spring and Coping Mechanisms

I find myself staring into yet another gray rainy day, despite the daffodils and budding trees reminding us that spring is going to come, and am caught in this space of lethargy due to the weather, not to mention the world political situation and the anxieties associated with that. Yet, it is contrasted with the familiar stirring of purpose and excitement for a new project to welcome the spring. In the past two years as I scratch my country girl creative itch here in the city I’ve focused on terrariums, small container gardens, calligraphy, and other small hobbies without many associated tools due to the small nature of our apartment and intentionality required with storage. But… here I am with a stack of my herbal reference books on the footstool in front of me,  approximately 594 tabs open on my computer, 6 sets of lists of supplies strewn in front of me, and 19 more books I need right now open on Amazon. This spring fever I am returning to one of my favorite pastimes that I’ve been missing since coming to the city, given the space and materials required, but, if ever there was a time pregnancy and becoming a stay at home mom are it. So, what am I diving into this spring? Making my own herbal salves, infused oils, and other baby and mama care items.

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Find Your Colors- Creating a Personal Palette

Hi friends, I know I have been away for quite some time. We have been busy moving to a new house that gives me space to make tinctures and salves, grow lots of herbs on the porch, and create all kinds of beauty to share with you. After decorating the house over the course of a few weeks with many trips to Goodwill my surroundings finally started to became ours.(You know how when I get my mind on something I don’t stop until it is perfect? Yes, this includes decorating.) 

I then returned to work on my custom color palette and have been focused intently (obsessively…) on that ever since. Now, there are many talented and amazing stylists and color consultants out there who you can pay to create your palette much more quickly, but being the DIY and frugal spirit I am I wanted to try to create my own. Then, the money saved could go into fun things like new shoes and clothes, and grown up things like student loans (Ah, reality).

I know what you are thinking, I write about wellness, not fashion. I said it before as I shared the start of my personal style journey, and I will say it again: There is no separation between your inner energy and your outer energy. The clothes and colors you wear can either connect with you or they can block or alter your energy. The more you are conscious of this the more you will begin to feel, and see, what different colors do for you.

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