Welcome Back

I am writing to you from a new dimension, from a place beyond the fourth trimester. I’ve had a lot of time with my hands full to think about what is to come and I’m excited to be getting started! 

That brings me here; over the coming weeks and months I will be starting a series on the chakras and how crucial they are in any wellness journey, as well as for general life. I’ll be approaching them from a neutral territory that draws on ancient Eastern wisdom, as well as some translation into books and resources from a Western perspective. That will leave you to do the work, whatever approach most resonates with you.

Let’s spend this winter strengthening our energetic base together, and I’m always here if you find you need a little support along the way. 

Note, I will be sharing my birth story in a post before I begin the chakra series as I believe that it is important for mothers to have access to real birth stories and experiences.

Healing a Broken Bone

Sticks and stones may break my bones… Or a shopping cart. That’s right folks, my first broken bone is from hyperextending a finger when it was caught in the holiday rush. I’m trying to embrace the awkwardness that is a splint on my dominant hand and research all of the things I can be doing to promote fast and full healing, aside from physical therapy and care from my orthopedist “the hand guy.” I am lucky that I don’t need a lifestyle makeover, this just involves a boost in daily practices to reduce inflammation.  Continue reading