Welcome Back

I am writing to you from a new dimension, from a place beyond the fourth trimester. I’ve had a lot of time with my hands full to think about what is to come and I’m excited to be getting started! 

That brings me here; over the coming weeks and months I will be starting a series on the chakras and how crucial they are in any wellness journey, as well as for general life. I’ll be approaching them from a neutral territory that draws on ancient Eastern wisdom, as well as some translation into books and resources from a Western perspective. That will leave you to do the work, whatever approach most resonates with you.

Let’s spend this winter strengthening our energetic base together, and I’m always here if you find you need a little support along the way. 

Note, I will be sharing my birth story in a post before I begin the chakra series as I believe that it is important for mothers to have access to real birth stories and experiences.

(Health = Wardrobe = Meditation)

Remember how I see the act of making and drinking tea as meditation? I’ve been figuring out that a lot of things in life can be meditation- even your wardrobe. Our clothes make an impression and I have always created an outfit based on what role I am playing. Wait a second, shouldn’t I just always be me?! Why did it take me so long, the lover of “What Not To Wear,” to consider that my wardrobe has been hampering the truth and vibrancy of who I am and therefore has been bad for my health?

My nature is such that when I become interested in something or put my mind to it I go into an information vortex- researching, experiencing, discussing, and living whatever it is. So, pour yourselves a big mug of tea folks and settle into your favorite spot because you can go into an endless internet-tab journey with this… I am sharing my path with the hope that it can help you extend your roots and continue toward being your most fabulous self. All of this information is the tip of the iceberg, I know there is so much more information out there and I’m not saying all of these approaches are the authority I am just here to give you some seeds.

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