You know that quote “Tomorrow you will wish you had started today”? The universe has been all about me knowing that- I swear- people’s t-shirts, signs on the bus, it has been everywhere. Well, today is the day I start.

I’ve been stagnant. Sure- I just moved across the country and started a new job, but I have just been making excuses when it comes to living passionately and creating the life I want. It is the next step in my healing journey. A place beyond eating well, a new level of self-care. I’ve been really conscious of my physical well being lately, and to the science of things. Clinical nutrition will do that. I’m also learning to deal with the energy of life in the city, especially finding places to ground myself and protecting myself from negative energy. So, I’m due for some intensive energetic awareness.

First, if you want a really simple and delightfully nerdy explanation of the chakras, I really like the description in this part of Avatar: The Last Airbender (Yup, I said it, a kid’s TV show!) For more indepth reading I love this book.

The 3rd chakra is the chakra (or energy center) centered around your navel, over your adrenal glands (it creates gut feelings, or the butterflies in your stomach when you are nervous) Its color is yellow and it is all about fire, will, metabolism, self-esteem, and transformation. Its task it to overcome inertia and to move forward with ease and grace.  This can be challenging in a world dominated by a submissive paradigm- we are taught to go with the flow and to let a very few make decisions for the masses. The dominant world view, especially here in America values separateness, whether it is isolating illness, or reducing matter to smaller and smaller units. Yet, to employ our will, we need the whole chakra system (no blockage in our flow, if you watched the above video.)

Employing the will goes beyond asking the universe for signs, or employing another person’s opinion. It is scary business to trust yourself and willingly take the risk to move forward in whatever is your deepest truth, to move past whoever and whatever in your past told you that  you couldn’t. (A little self test for you: go to your mirror and look yourself in the eye and say “I am a strong and good person.”) Also, remember that laughter is power, when things seem like they couldn’t possibly get worse try laughing at yourself, and then find someone to give you a hug. The dysfunctional archetype is the servant or victim, the functional archetype is the warrior or survivor.

I think it is wonderful that one of the best exercises for the 3rd chakra was pioneered by Dudley Sargent- real or simulated wood-chopping. (Add in an “Ah” sound with your chopping for full benefit) Dudley Sargent founded a school to educate physical educators- initially, open to just women to disprove the notion that women were fit only for fainting couches. His book published in 1904 “Health, Strength, and Power” is well worth a gander. I did much of my growing up at Sargent Center for Outdoor Education- at summer Adventure Camp, later as a counselor, and then as an educator for the school program. Other physical exercises include the bow and pike pose for you yogis, and even old fashioned crunches. At the base level, it is important to just get moving- walking, swimming, jogging, yoga, frisbee, dance, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, whatever you LOVE.

Some affirmations for the 3rd chakra…

I love myself.

I know what is best for me.

I allow myself to grow and become stronger every day.

I honor and respect myself. 

I accept responsibility for the decisions I make and refuse to take on other’s negativity. 

I reclaim my power now. 

I also love flower essences, aromatherapy, and crystals to help engage and encourage the energetic responses I want in myself. Lately, I’ve been using corn flower essense. It is great for people who are stuck in the city but much prefer wild and quiet rural spaces. While I make a concentrated effort to get away on hikes and camping trips, this is a great facilitator for busy weeks when I feel stuck amidst all the people and noise and helps me feel more centered and grounded wherever I am. (Never underestimate the power of a deep breath either) While corn is more technically relevant to the first chakra, remember all the chakras are connected.

Some other flower essences to consider are:

Aspen: inaction due to fear of taking risks, especially anxiety of the unknown.

Blackberry: putting ideals and ideas into action (one of my favorites)

Buttercup: Feeling that you are not enough

Cayenne: Igniting the will, cutting through old patterns and habits

Wild Oat: Scattered talents, lack of commitment to long term career goals, helping choose a vocation based on your life purpose.

(Explore this book if flower essences intrigue you.)

Some essential oils to consider are vetiver, juniper, or fennel (any of the “protector” oils, but smell around, see what you like. Whatever you are drawn to is most likely what you need) Black pepper is great if you feel you need manifestation energy (aka a kick in the pants!)

But, remember, in the end it all comes down to taking the leap, diving off the high board, or getting up off the couch. On that note, time for me to head out for a walk and stick my face into the rosemary shrubs lining the street as I walk by.

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